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Anyone want to give me a rundown from a hardcore fan perspective0 Comments

Adaugat la 06 Iun 2017 at 10:34am
Publicat in: Fără categorie

Anyone want to give me a rundown from a hardcore fan prospect Just when the wheels had fallen off the summer season in W10(Sad loss to the Cardinals at home), Seattle had the feel of a team on the brink of complete self destruction. Kam still hadn recoverable from his hold out, Bennett was seemingly pissed about his contract situation and purposely drawing off sides penalties, The Jimmy Graham trade became a flop. LIFE WAS hopeless.Then W12 and W13 explained around, Well before you went under, And the lights turned on at CenturyLink. DangeRuss out dueled Rapelisberger for his first win in which a rival scored more than 24 points. We then CRUSHED the albeit slightly injured Vikings in Minnesota 38 7 and all was in the actual world. The Seahawks were back on the.TAKING US TO THE END OF the summer season.W14 was the particular Ravens, Who conceivably had the worst bout of injuries of any team this season. Jimmy Clausen led individuals at QB(Second time and team we faced Jimmy Clausen on as they played for the Bears in W3 as well). Terrence West led the Ravens in speeding with 16 total yards. Clausen couldn uncover the end zone or really anyone besides Aiken(Who carried out with 90 yards) And our offense continued the stretch of domination that had built momentum resistant to the 49ers, Pittsburgh steelers and Vikings. Wilson carried out with 5 TDs, Tyler Lockett had 104 yards getting and 2 TDs, And you really felt like just about the most was bad competition, The offense had finished forcing the ball to stars(Lynch along with Graham) And started applying the love like a $2 hooker. Baldwin, Kearse with Lockett, Not to mention TE combo of Luke Willson and whoever we signed off FA(Aquire Coffman) Seemed to be clicking on top of any core we ever had on offense. Undoubtedly, Reality, We lost jones Rawls in the Ravens game(Very unplanned first quarter, I do think) Which IMO was likely the biggest loss of the season. Just with week 14, Our offense had found an identity with Rawls and the quick passing offense we whip up after Graham went down and losing him, Probably doomed us for all of the season.W15 was the cleveland brown colours, Who didn put up even more of a fight than the Ravens did, Scoring 13 points on 161 yards passing from Johnny baseball, This game never felt in doubt and i should confess, Again felt prominent by the Seahawks. Duke Johnson led CLE in both your company(46yds) And use(39 yds), And frankly after being this up, I was surprised these totals were even as tall as they were. Wilson had 3 higher TDs, Kearse had 110 yds getting, This marked the Christine Michael takeover(84 yds) Which is funny fundamentally because we actually get a pick this draft for trading Michael.W16 is simply a trap game. The Rams turned a Will Tuakufua fumble into an early 14 point lead and since they basically spent the last 6 years drafting a roster produced to beat one team, The Seahawks could never especially catch the Rams, Melting away 17 23. The pungent Line, Who was simply absolutely phenomenal WW12 15, Turned back to it old tricks sacks, Early push, Wilson scrambles, Etc and I left this game believing that any physically dominant D line who had creative packages(Blitzing in addition as stunting) Was likely going to roll correctly over our O Line. I think Tom Cable did an outstanding job this season, Using what he had, But it was very clear our O Line just didn have the depth of knowledge at attack you have to succeed particularly late in the playoffs. The best highlight from mafia wars, Unfortunately, Is worth searching Rams Punter Hekker(Who’s going to be from Bellevue) Cheap shotted Cliff Avril searching for punt with a blindside block from behind. Subsequent punt, Both Bennett and Avril blitzed Hekker with the intention of basically treatment of trash and it was epic comedy. Hekker folded on his back like a possum. Full though, Farmville sucked. Wilson 289 yds and 2 TDs was actually a better hindsight line than it was in general. Wilson also led the team with 38yds rushing but I think this was a service of being down early, And then Doug Baldwin continuous his run of TDs with 118 yds and 1 TD.W17 was a take it or get forced out game. If you states score, We went down to AZ and really kicked the shit from the Cardinals, But it hard to say how hard AZ got playing. Carson Palmer and the starters played until I trust it was 21 0, So it wasn like we were clearing up against Drew Stanton, But it still didn think like a playoff game or a game with any meaning. Wilson played deep into the 2nd half so that he can get 4000 yards passing, Michael carried out with 102 yards rushing(Which was a nice sign considering he was our RB4 at the start of the year), And Doug Baldwin last but not least ended his streak of TDs caught, Finishing the year with 14 total absolutely insane when you consider we had Lynch and Graham at the beginning of the year and the expectation was Baldwin would be a 3rd/4th banana at best. Complete, It felt great to get over AZ, But I didn really leave the sport feeling like”OK we running again, It was a lot similar to”Which team will probably show up? And which O Line is gong to exhibit up” As those two thoughts plagued us all year.Then the Seahawks put the women and kids to bed and went hunting for dinner as the saying goes, Heading straight for Minnesota in a first round matchup appealing to be a smash mouth frozen festival of Ice. I expect you heard more in depth summaries of the playoff games, But after a fan, I say the mn game was torture. It was freezing to throw or kick, So basically 70% of our offense was right out your window. Jon Ryan took a bad snap in the first punt(Hopefully second punt?) And attemptedto ginger rumble for the first down, Merely to get overturned and dropped on his face. I thought he had broken his nose a la Anquan Boldin not long ago, But he a hardcore son of a gun and stuck it out. Our defense kept us in the game stuffing AP all day and limiting Teddy B to passes no farther than 10 15 yards down the field but you got the sensation that one big play could break the game open. Heading included with the 4th quarter, We got destroyed the ice(Just about) With the game only landing a 3yd pass to Doug Baldwin. 7 points finished up being 70% of the winning total, So you can see essential a Touchdown was at this point in the game. Rather. After a couple forward and backward drives that went nowhere, Minnesota was ready every Seahawks fan(I suppose) Has expanded to hate: Oppenent pitch, Down not so 3 so a field goal will win, Multiple timeouts and less than 2 minutes to play. Back to the Chicago game a couple common, Where Cutler/Marshall/Jeffery led a drive to deliver it to OT, The Falcons game to knock us out of the NFC shining, The extremely Bowl. All those emotions came rushing back as Teddy B calmly looked to lead a lower the field. The second play from scrimmage sent me further down the Seahawks spiral as Kam Bam Bam was called for a doubtful pass interference against Kyle Rudolph, Who beneath guise of running a double move, Just ran Bam Bam over yet still got the whistle. Spot foul 19 free yards to the mn 39. A quick pass or two later, And quite a few AP carries puts Minnesota in range to win the game with basically no time on the clock(26 moments). Of course, It helps to indicate, Blair Walsh is 3/3 and had variety touchback kicks on a day where Hau$chka couldn even hit the 10 yard line on a kick off, AKA Blair Walsh is a kicking robot who is probably human darren sproles jersy. But almost magic like, He neglected! Ample LEFT. AND THAT WHY YOU WANT A QUARTERBACK to the side of JESUS AARON RODGERS.And hopefully, Divisional Round using the playoffs, The depression is still a little fresh to enter details but basically, Carolina tilled up their whole field in order that it was basically like playing in rural Nebraska farm land, Which meant we couldn run to the perimeters and our DBs couldn cut. Our O Line to be able to revert back to weeks 1 6, Partly because Kawann Short played like a man held, But also since O Line just wasn that good this year(At the end through the day, Talent is not optional) And this also led to 2 key picks by Wilson early. One went for 6 points and the other was 6 points a couple plays later, Adding us in a 31 0 hole at halftime. You understand this score, Also, And that suits you”SEATTLE got supplied out, But it really felt like if either of the picks were dropped and we went into half down 24 0 OR if we had taken the field goal at the end of half than go for it on 4th down and then try a 55 yarder 5 plays later, Seattle would had truly won the game(Total homer bias by working that have hindsight). I since read that the kit staff and players didn have the right cleats on and the whole”Carry Lynch back” Try things out was a terrible one, As CAR keyed him forever, Which basically gave us 1 half of football to get better 31 points we spotted CAR in the first half. We greatly improved cleats, We in holstered Lynch(He would get similar to 3 more carries all game, 1 being a truly dumb one late), And we began spreading CAR out with a multi leveled passing attack that we should executed from the beginning, Since CARs DBs are terrible near Josh Norman. As awesome as it was to see DangeRuss and Co claw their made use of, I think every Seahawks fan was just watching the time, Hoping we will add like 5 minutes or, Effectively, Additional drive, But worth, It came down to an onside kick to save the season about a minute left in regulation and 1 timeout. Then we got off to a terrible start against the panthers and went into halftime 31 0 and came astonishingly close to coming back with a Tyler Locket TD you would have loved fletcher cox jersey. But in the end we lost by a TD because there just wasnt plenty of, But we did all we could with the time we had and it dropped to a close onside kick. Bummer, But it became fun to watch anyway. If precisely the first half went better. A Russell pick 6 and a 4th down conversion attempt where we should have kicked it cost one of the most wonderful comebacks ever for us. Get better soon, homie!So week 16 was Rams comfortable, Which was another sloppy operation against the Rams, In the their D line made our O line look foolish, The score is a lot closer than the game to be real.Week 17 was in california, Leading into the game seeding was still exactly in danger, So both teams played their beginners. Effort from the Cardinal starters seemed to not necessarily be there, And Carson was pulled before halftime as the score got more unmanageable, Backups played many of the second half in what was a real one sided affair, Lockett was actually in top form in this game having multiple big time returns that put is well with Cardinal territory.WC Round was heart disease inducing game which was a defensive showing by both teams, Outside of some good drives by the Vikings which lead to only two field goals they didn produce much, And Kam got a forced fumble against AP which helped us get a field goal which would be a huge difference. The only huge offensive play we had was a broken play how the ball was snapped past Russ who dove for it and somehow found Lockett downfield who turned it into a huge gain, Resulting in a short TD to Baldwin. And to end the game the Vikings marched down the park(Thanks partly to a BS PI call), And their kicker directly missed a chipshot field goal that would have given them the lead with less than a minute to go.Along with the Panther game. I don even want to express yet.Update: Go ahead and add anything I missed you guys, Just typed this up quickly on my cell phone, So I ‘ missed something.The broken pass play to LockettThe key thing to note about the WC game is that it was played at 6F with a 20F windchill. That made it hard to throw the ball, Or really take appropriate measures very well. It would have been a unique game if not for the conditions.The first half together with the Panthers game was bad. Think colorado Super Bowl bad. At the start of the Panther first drive, Their running back broke free for a 70+ yard landing. Their defensive line was abusing our O line and Russell was getting pressured completely on every play. Russell threw a pick six and another interception that the Panthers converted into a touchdown. The defense couldn go almost everything to stop them. We had one good drive in the second quarter that ended when we tried to go for in on fourth down without success. The half ended around missing a 55 yard field goal attempt Zach Ertz Jersey. The credit report scoring was 31 0.The better half of the game was pretty miraculous. Our offense drove down the field and scored continuously. The Panthers offense was playing cautiously and getting shutdown by our defense. This job appeared that there was hope to send the game to overtime, But we failed to recover an onside kick about a minute and a half remaining. The very last score was 31 24.Revise: Here are the condensed games if you want to watch them but don want to commit 8+ hours.Your vehicle tires hit a groove, And the snow on your bank caused the car to slow. You referring down hill again, And youre capable of making the vehicle get on the road again.

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Anyone want to give me a rundown from a hardcore fan perspective

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